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Training Materials

Web-Based Tutorials and Step by Step Guides

Training materials will be added and revised monthly. Visit often for the most up to date training materials.

CategoryTopicJob Aid (PDF)Job Aid (Word)Last UpdatedAdditional Info
ExpensesAdding and Deleting Delegates to Enter Expense ReportsPDFText Based06/05/19
ExpensesAdding Direct Deposit Information for Expense ReportsPDFText Based06/05/19
PCardAllocating Expenses - WorksPDFn/a07/1/16
University FinanceChart of Accounts OverviewPDFText Based05/9/19COA video
BudgetCreating and Submitting a Budget Transfer
PDFText Based07/17/18
Journal EntriesCreating and Submitting a Departmental DepositPDFText Based01/22/19
Journal EntriesCreating and Submitting a Journal EntryPDFText Based04/22/19Video Instructions
Journal EntriesCreating and Submitting a Payroll Correcting EntryPDFText Based10/15/18Video Instructions
ExpensesCreating and Submitting Expense ReportsPDFText Based 06/05/19 SOP
Purchasing RequisitionsCreating and Submitting Independent Contractor RequisitionsPDFText Based06/07/19SOP
Journal EntriesCreating and Submitting Internal PaymentsPDFText Based1/22/19
Purchasing RequisitionsCreating and Submitting Payment Request RequisitionsPDFText Based06/05/19SOP
Purchasing RequisitionsCreating and Submitting Standard Purchasing RequisitionsPDFText Based06/05/19SOP
Travel AuthorizationsCreating and Submitting Travel AuthorizationsPDFText Based01/22/19SOP
Purchasing RequisitionsEditing a Saved or Submitted Purchase RequisitionPDFText Based06/05/19
Travel AuthorizationsEditing or Cancelling a Travel-Authorization RequestPDFText Based12/5/18
Approval WorkflowManaging Approval Workflow Rules (Delegating Approval)PDFText Based06/05/19Video instructions
Purchasing RequisitionsManaging Requisition PreferencesPDFText Based06/05/19
Approval WorkflowModifying Standard Approval WorkflowPDFText Based05/17/19
Projects and AwardsNavigating the Awards Work AreaPDFText Based10/15/18
ExpensesRequesting and Completing a Cash AdvancePDFText Based06/05/19
Projects and AwardsRequesting Boise State PI Awards RolePDFText Based06/05/19Request access to the Awards module in OFC.
BudgetReviewing a Budget Journal EntryPDFText Based06/05/19
BudgetReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Budget TransfersPDFText Based10/15/18
ExpensesReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Expense Reports - EmailPDFText Based06/05/19SOP
Purchasing RequisitionsReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Requisitions - EmailPDFText Based05/17/19SOP
Approval WorkflowReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Transactions by WorklistPDFText Based06/05/19
Travel AuthorizationsReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Travel AuthorizationsPDFText Based06/30/17
ExpensesReviewing Expense Report StatusPDFText Based06/05/19
Projects and AwardsReviewing Project Budgets and ExpendituresPDFText Based05/17/19
Purchasing RequisitionsReviewing Requisition StatusPDFText Based06/05/19
Travel AuthorizationsReviewing Travel Authorization StatusPDF
Text Based
Approval WorkflowReviewing-and-Approving-or-Rejecting-from-Notification-BellPDFText Based06/05/19
ReportingRunning a Budget Variance - Local ReportPDFText Based06/05/19Summary for local funding sources remaining balance by account rollup.
ReportingRunning a Budget vs Actual - Expandable by Column ReportPDFText Based06/05/19Comparison of budget and operations ledgers, may drill to transaction detail.
ReportingRunning a Budget vs Actual - Expandable by Row ReportPDFText Based06/05/19Comparison of budget and operations ledgers, may drill to transaction detail.
ReportingRunning a Campus Transaction Dashboard ReportPDFText Based05/17/19Search for transaction detail related to invoices, payments, deposits, journal entries, budget, expense reports, requisitions, purchase orders, and requisition lifecycle.
ReportingRunning a Detail Balances ReportPDFText Based06/05/19Search for transaction detail and drill to original transaction.
ReportingRunning a Remaining Budget - Appropriated ReportPDFText Based06/05/19Summary for appropriated funding sources remaining balance by account rollup.
ReportingRunning a Salary Ledger ReportPDFText Based06/05/19Search for salary transaction details.
ReportingRunning a Supplier SearchPDFText Based06/05/19
ReportingRunning an Account Monitor ReportPDFText Based06/05/19Monitor specific funding source activity.
ReportingRunning and Scheduling an Account Analysis Report
PDFText Based06/05/19Search for transaction detail and schedule on interval.
ReportingRunning Project List ReportsPDFText Based05/17/19
ReportingRunning the Approval Workflow Dashboard ReportPDFText Based05/17/19Review approval workflow records for expense reports and requisitions.
Video instructions
ReportingRunning the Budget vs Actual - Oracle ReportingPDFText Based12/4/18Comparison of budget and operations ledgers, may drill to transaction detail in Oracle Reporting.
ReportingRunning the Travel Authorization ReportPDFText Based05/17/19View Expense Reports with associated Travel Authorizations
Accounts ReceivableViewing Account Activity and Transaction Detail for a Customer AccountPDFText Based06/05/19
Accounts ReceivableViewing and Printing and Accounts Receivable InvoicePDFText Based10/15/18
Accounts ReceivableViewing Balance Details, Funding Source Information, and Transaction Activities for an Accounts Receivable InvoicePDFText Based06/05/19
ExpensesWithdrawing and Editing an Expense ReportPDFText Based06/05/19