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Winners of the Process Improvement Symposium 2017

winners of process improvement symposium

Seven Awards Winners Announced at Inaugural Process Improvement Symposium

On January 26th, 155 Boise State University staff and faculty representing 40 departments across campus attended the Process Improvement Symposium. The spirit of the event was celebratory with a key-note address from Dean of the College of Innovation and Design, Gordon Jones.

Seven awards were presented to both individuals and departments for their contributions in business process innovation. The winners for each category are as follows:

Shadow Hunter Award:

Margie Smith, Office of Information Technology

By reducing paper usage with electronic documentation, Margie slashed shadow systems to the core. Her efforts reduced time and effort in validating data and increased collaboration with Boise State Campus Admin departments.

Tree Hugger Award:

Patricia Moran & Tori Lewis, Athletics Administration

Patricia and Tori in the Athletics Department brought their department to the digital era by creating a secure share-drive for electronic files and allowing digital receipt collection for Expense Reports.

Splendid Self-Sufficiency Award:

Li Sperl, Dori Hulme, Alexis Rowland, Michelle Davis, Robert Sudquist, Danya Lusk, & Leslie Black, College of Health Sciences

By identifying keepers of complicated system knowledge, or Subject Matter Experts, the College of Health Science business office is standing on their own two feet when it comes to training.

Incremental Innovation Award:

Dave Niemeyer, Campus Facilities

In a spark of genius, Dave Niemeyer saved the University time and money by coming up with innovative ways to clean white boards and refinish tile floors using less expensive materials.

Leaps & Bounds Award:

Chelsea Avery, Administrative Accounting

When the Boise State University administrative offices were in need of a transaction reporting tools in the new Oracle Financials Cloud system, Chelsea stepped up to create a dashboard of easily accessible reports.

Cool Collaborators Award:

Lynn Harrsch, Ilene McEnroe, & Dalton Routh, Extended Studies

The Extended Studies group used teamwork and collaboration to create a strategic and streamlined way of using the newly implemented Chart of Accounts in Oracle Financial Cloud for their department.

Change Maker Award:

Megan DuPre, Educational Technology

When the Travel Authorization and Expense Report process needed defining and deployment in her department, Megan grappled these giant projects in to submission; ultimately reducing paper usage, empowering faculty, and reducing time gaps between travel planning and entry.

The Process Improvement Symposium will be held again next year and organizers from Systems and Process Improvement team hope to have nominations submitted that represent every department on the Boise State campus.

Watch the live stream of the Process Improvement Symposium from JoEllen DiNucci’s Facebook page.

Follow this link to the event Photo Gallery

Nominees for the First Annual Process Improvement Symposium Announced!

2017-process-improvement-symposiumDuring the month of December, members of the campus community nominated the following individuals and departments for innovation in business processes big and small. Nominees have demonstrated excellence in areas such as leading change with a positive and proactive attitude, reducing the carbon footprint, eliminating shadow systems and working to improve efficiency across campus.

Nominees for outstanding individuals

Aaron Lunt
Becky Sievers-Mathey
Catherine Weitz
Chelsea Avery
Claudia Scott
Dave Niemeyer
Diana Esbensen
Elaine Lambrou
Evelyn Redshaw
Judy Wayne & Tom Bailey
Kevin Satterlee
Katy Lightfield
Alicia Dillon
Lori Kolasch
Margie Smith
Megan DuPre
Olgie Castillo
Paty Dudziak Kerr
Rachel Burdick
Randi Walters
Rob Anson
Rossitta Fleming
Savanna Tryon
Teri Gormley
Tim Squires

Nominees for outstanding departments

Accounts Payable
College of Business & Economics
College of Heath Sciences
Educational Technology
Extended Studies
Finance and Administration
School of Public Service
Student Union
Travel & Expenses

Winners will be announced at the Process Improvement Symposium
January 26th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Student Union Building Jordan D Ballroom.

All Boise State Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend!

Nominate an Efficiency Improving Colleague Today!

COBE building at SunriseOver a year ago, Boise State’s Office of Systems and Process Improvement embarked on a journey to implement an entirely different financial system that included implementing a new chart of accounts, modified business processes across departments and a change in perspective to big data and standardized system functionality.

We will be celebrating this business innovation from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Jan. 26 at the Process Improvement Symposium.