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Phase 3 Detail: Status Definitions

Issue StatusCriteriaImpact
PendingRequest is in scope, but insufficient resources are available to complete the request at this time. Pending requests will be moved to Active as resources become available. UFS-OCI staff will review the list of Pending requests on an ongoing basis. Status changes will be visible on the Service Request Tracker.
ActiveRequest is in scope and resources are available to resolve the request.An Active status indicates that work is in progress to resolve the issue. The time frame for resolution depends on the Priority level and the UFS-OCI resources available. The Service Request Tracker provides up-to-date information relating to the status, action steps and target resolution date.
CancelledRequest is outside scope or does not meet criteriaA Cancelled status indicates that the Service Request was forwarded to UFS-OCI in error or falls outside its scope of work. Whenever possible, UFS-OCI staff will forward such requests to the appropriate office for handling.
ResolvedRequest has been addressed, work has been completed and the issue is considered closed. When issues have been resolved, UFS-OCI will send a close-out notification to the Requester. Resolved requests will be archived and kept on file. If a user experiences a similar issue in the future, the tracking number included in the notice will help OCI staff locate the file history.