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Phase 2 Detail: Categories & Classification Criteria


Service Guidelines

High/Critical requests meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • One or more critical duties with campus-wide impact can no longer be performed.
  • Work-arounds are unavailable or unknown.

  • The issue causes substantial (hard to correct) data corruption.

  • The issue causes a major security or compliance risk.

  • The issue negatively affects all students, faculty, or staff and will cause unmanageable changes/ workarounds to current business processes and resources if not resolved immediately.

UFS-OCI allocates significant resources in order to expedite resolution of service requests related to Critical/ High priority requests.
  • Requests related to currently implemented functionality that is not working as expected but not critical to performance.

  • Requests to improve existing functions or processes.

UFS-OCI staff reviews non-critical service requests on an on-going basis in order to resolve all production issues & improve functionality as resources allow.
  • Requests to develop or implement improvements by introducing new functionality or business processes.
UFS-OCI staff reviews service requests an on-going basis in order to continuously improve efficiency of workflow and business processes as resources become available.
4Pending Review
  • Requests for system enhancements reviewed monthly and referred to the appropriate system owner.

  • Requests for new training and updates to current materials reviewed monthly and referred to the appropriate owner.

UFS-OCI staff reviews enhancement requests on a monthly basis in order to continuously improve system functionality and training resources.