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Jared Everett begins a new role at Boise State

Jared Everett begins a new role at Boise State

Jared EverettOn January 9th 2012, Jared Everett begins a new role at Boise State University as Treasurer and Executive Director of Real Estate and Business Development. Jared came to Boise State from Arizona State University as Parking Director. Jared’s most recent position was Executive Director of Finance, Planning and Safety in Campus Planning and Facilities, where he oversaw the divisions of Parking and Transportation, Environmental Health and Safety, Real Estate and Business Development, Capital Planning, and Space Planning. During his tenure at Boise State, Jared has also at times administered the departments of Risk Management and Insurance, Security/Police, Emergency Management and Campus Sustainability. Jared has a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management from Arizona State University and an MBA from Boise State University. Jared will be part of University Financial Services (UFS) and will report to Jo Ellen DiNucci, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Treasury: The department is responsible for the management of university cash, investments and debt. Treasury manages student fee allocations, commitments for funding of capital projects from local and bond funds, non-student accounts receivables, debt compliance, merchants’ services, management of banking contracts and the Boise State internal bank (the process by which departments’ lending needs might be satisfied by means other than issuance of external debt.)

Real Estate Services: The department is responsible for all purchases, sales and leases of university property. These transactions are often complex and are always highly regulated by the university, Board of Education and state policy and/or law. Real Estate Services serves as the single coordination point for these transactions and on behalf of the requesting department manages the regulatory and approval process. Real Estate Services maintains an inventory of known lease spaces and through local market knowledge and contacts strives to provide lease and purchase rates better than the prevailing market rates. All university leases are subject to oversight through the State of Idaho, Department of Public Works (DPW). Real Estate Services is Boise State’s point of contact with DPW for lease transactions.

Business Development: These functions are related to the review of business development, projects, proposals and public/private partnerships for which the university is expected to contribute financially or make other commitments such as debt capacity, credit rating, or tax advantage status. Reviews focus on project/proposal viability, reasonableness of assumptions, market analysis, university utility, and financial risk.

Execution of these roles requires close coordination and communication with Campus Facilities and Planning, Budget and Legal as well as all areas of campus. The Real Estate and Business Development operations act to support the Campus Master Plan. The combination of the Treasury function with these areas provides an excellent opportunity to maximize the use of funds and capitalize on investment opportunities as well as provide the most efficient means of financing prioritized projects.

We are excited about this reorganization and the addition of Jared to the UFS staff, when you have a moment please take the opportunity to congratulate him on his new duties.

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