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View your 1098-T Tax Form

To view and print your 1098-T tax form on-line, follow the steps below.
  1. Sign in to

    my.BoiseState login screenshot

  2. From the main page, click Student View.

    Student View screenshot

  3. Next, click Student Center under the Services menu.

    Services Dropdown

  4. Click on the Student Homepage tile.

    Student Home Page Tile screenshot

  5. Next, click on the Student Financials tile.

    Student Financials Tile screenshot

  6. Select View 1098-T from the options on the left.

    View 1098-T

  7. If you have not yet opted to receive your 1098-T online you must click on the Grant Consent button.

    Grant Consent

  8. Read the agreement and then click the “Yes” box if you agree.
    Click the Submit button

    Read Agreement

  9. Click the View 1098-T Selection button to continue

    View 1098-T button

  10. Click on the tax year you wish to view.

    Tax Year Select

  11. Once you click on the year, a PDF file will pop-up with your 1098-T form, ready to be printed. Note: If the file does not open, check your browser settings and make sure to switch off your pop-up blocker.

    1098-T pdf to print screensho

  12. To view details of what is included in each year’s form, select the Box Amount tab, then the amount you wish to review.

    Box Amount Tab

  13. Once you click on the link, the details will be displayed.

    All Details

Other Helpful Tips:
If you have any problems printing or viewing your 1098T form, try these tips:
  • Make sure your  pop-up blocker is off
  • Make sure Adobe Acrobat is installed
  • Delete your browsing history, including your temporary internet files
  • If the data fields are blank, try to print the form (oftentimes it prints correctly)
  • Try saving the .pdf to your desktop and then open it from there
You may also wish to consult our 1098T FAQ’s at: