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Student Financials FAQ’s

How do I access my Boise State bill?
In an effort to go “green” Boise State no longer mails billing statements. To view your billing details and due dates, log on to my.BoiseState. Navigate to Student Center, Account Inquiry (located under the finance section), Charges Due.
If I drop my classes, will I get a refund?
That depends on when you drop-

  • Before classes begin – 100% refund
  • During the published 100 % refund period – 100% less a $40.00 complete
  • withdrawal processing fee
  • After the published 100 % refund period (Last day to drop with a “W” or completely withdraw) – NO REFUND issued and a $40.00 processing fee will be assessed.
    • See Deadlines By Session at the end of the Academic Calendar for exact drop/refund dates.

Who can apply for a Short Term Loan?
Students enrolled for at least 6 credits, who have not default on a previous short term loan, and do not have a hold on enrollment.  Short term loans cannot be used to pay fees.
Where and how do I apply for a Short Term Loan?
Once the term begins, you may apply for a Short Term Loan in Room 101 in the Administration Building.  A short application will need to be filled out and you must have photo identification.
Why do I need to submit a loan questionnaire each year for a Perkins loan?
Perkins regulations require we update your personal information each year.
Financial aid disbursed money to my student account, but I haven’t received my money yet, why is that?
Once financial aid has disbursed to your student account it may take 3-5 business days for the refund to be sent to your bank account or 5-7 business days for a refund check to be mailed.  We encourage all students to set up a direct deposit for their financial aid and cash refunds.
I made a cash payment on my account and have since dropped classes, when will I receive a refund?
Cash refunds (including credit card and e-check payments) are not typically processed until after the 10th day of classes due to the high volume of adds and drops.  If you wish to request a refund sooner, please e-mail  For a complete list of refund dates, please check the Academic Calendar
How will I receive my refund if my account has a credit balance?
All qualified credit balances are refunded to the student as either:

  1. A check to your mailing address
  2. An electronic funds transfer (EFT) to your banking account if you have
    signed up for direct deposit
  3. A refund to your credit card or checking account if the payment being refunded
    was made by a credit card or electronic check.

NOTE: To help defray costs in printing and mailing, student refunds issued as a check will only be printed and mailed once a week. Direct deposit refunds will continue to be done daily or as needed. We strongly encourage you to sign up for direct deposit on my.BoiseState and receive your refund faster.
Why are you taking my financial aid to pay future due housing charges?
Financial aid is to pay all institutional charges for the current term before any balance money can be refunded to the student. If the charge is on the student account the charge will be paid first before any balance money is refunded.
How do I receive my 1098T Tuition Statement?
You can sign up to receive your 1098T electronically through my.BoiseState. Select
Student Center. Under the finance section, select the Other Financial drop
down box. Select View 1098-T. Click on the blue arrows. Click on the Grant
Consent button. If you choose not to sign up for the electronic option, your
form will be mailed on or before January 31 of each year to the mailing address
BSU has on file for you.

What information does my 1098T Tuition Statement provide for me?
The 1098T form reflects billed charges posted to your student account for
eligible tuition and related expenses. Additionally, it reflects any scholarships
or grants awarded for your cost of attendance at Boise State. The information provided
is based on the dates of January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year.

Do I have to waive my health insurance every semester?
Yes, SHIP charges must be waived every semester. Students who can
provide proof of continuous enrollment in an alternative U.S.-based health
insurance plan with comparable benefits are able to waive out of their SHIP
coverage each semester.

How do I apply to waive my health insurance?
Students may apply to waive their health insurance by completing
the information requested online on my.BoiseState. Select Student Center.  Select
Health Waiver App, under the finance section.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Students may sign up for direct deposit by completing the information requested
online on my.BoiseState.  Detailed instructions can be found under the my.BoiseState
Help link.

For additional information you may send a question to or
contact the Account Maintenance Center at 208 426-2134.