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University Contracts and Price Agreements

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Off Campus:
Catering exceeding $5,000.00 is subject to bidding; the bidding (price comparison) is informal and may be done by the contracting department
Required Contract:  Purchase Order and contract

On Campus: Catering on campus is governed by the Food Services contract; the Food Services contractor has an exclusive contract to cater all events on campus.

  • Food (paid for with University funds and exceeding $50.00) provided for work group meetings, must be catered by the Food Services contractor.
  • Bringing food (not paid for with University funds) to campus for personal or work group consumption is permitted.
  • Recognized student organization meetings are exempt.

Design Services- Web and Graphic

For help using this contract, contact Terri Spinazza x6-2168.
Boise State University has several established agreements with vendors providing Graphic Design, Copy Writing and Editing, Web Design and Maintenance and related services. Currently Under Review

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Check first with the BSU Environmental Health Compliance Officer; disposal is subject to Purchasing Policy and coordinated with BSU Environmental Health & Safety; NO Hazardous waste, in any amount, is to be disposed of without approval of BSU Environmental Health & Safety. Bidding is required on contracts exceeding $5,000.
Required contract: Purchase Order and contract

Locks and Keys

For help using this contract, contact Carl Fritz x6-1107
This contract is not mandatory.

Temp Help Agencies

For help using this contract, contact Terri Spinazza, x6-2168
Use of this contract IS mandatory.

Water/Coffee Services

Boise State University went out to bid to establish a new bottled water/coffee service contract separate from Aramark.  Treasure Valley Coffee has been selected to supply these products to campus users.

Each department will be billed monthly by TVC for the provided service.  Payment will be made via p-card.  An account information and billing sheet will need to be filled out with the first delivery.  The cost of the service for coffee will vary depending on the products selected.  The water is $4.50 per 5-gallon bottle, which includes the water dispenser with hot and cold valves.  Please note that these bottles will have handles.

This contract covers all campus locations including Canyon County and West Campus.  If bottled water/coffee service is paid
from University funds, the service must be converted to Treasure Valley Coffee.  The new contract specifications are attached for your convenience, as well as a price list of the most popular coffee and condiments.

Contact our TVC campus representative Jeoff Fuller at 377-8488.  In addition, you may contact Nancy Schwend (ext. 63363) in the BSU Purchasing Department if you have any problems, comments or questions regarding this contract.

Contract Specifications(pdf)
Price List (pdf)