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Travel and Expense FAQs

Table of Contents:
General Travel
Travel Authorization FAQs
Expense Report FAQs
Other Travel FAQs
Gifts, Awards, Incentives FAQs
T&E – Travel and Expense
TA – Travel Authorization
ER – Expense Report
DVP – Direct Vendor Payment
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  1. 1.1  What is the Travel and Expense (T&E) module and how do I use it?
  2. 1.2  How do I log in to the T&E system?
  3. Travel Authorization FAQs

  4. 2.1  What is a Travel Authorization (TA)?
  5. 2.2  How far in advance should I submit a Travel Authorization (TA)?
  6. 2.3  Where do I enter the Department ID in a Travel Authorization (TA)?
  7. 2.4  How do I split expenses between different Department IDs?
  8. 2.5  How do I override per diem amounts in the Travel Authorization (TA)?
  9. 2.6  What do I do if I come back from a trip and there are no further reimbursements?
  10. 2.7  What do I do if the trip was canceled?
  11. 2.8  What are the rules for using Pcard for travel?
  12. 2.9  When do I need to send the TA to Travel Services?
  13. Expense Report FAQs

  14. 3.1  What is an Expense Report (ER)?
  15. 3.2  Where do I enter the Department ID in an Expense Report (ER)?
  16. 3.3  How do I override per diem amounts in an Expense Report (ER)?
  17. 3.4  What backup documentation is required to initiate a request for travel and business expense reimbursement?
  18. 3.5  What backup documentation is required for purchases made on the internet?
  19. 3.6  How do I process an Early Reimbursement (ER)?
  20. 3.7  Do I use the T&E module to reimburse travel expenses to a candidate interviewing with the university or another non-employee?
  21. 3.8  How long do I have to request my reimbursement?
  22. Other Travel FAQs

  23. 4.1   May I delegate another person to enter my travel and expense reimbursements into T&E?
  24. 4.2  As an Approver, may I designate another person to have electronic authority to approve travel and expense reimbursements on my behalf?
  25. 4.3  If I am going to enter travel and expenses for 10 or more people, will Travel Services assign entry approval for the traveler (employee)?
  26. 4.4  What types of reimbursed expenses are taxable to me?
  27. Gifts, Awards, Incentives

  28. 5.1  FAQs for Gifts, Awards and Incentives (pdf)

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