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Campus Master Plan 2005-2008

campus map for masterplan

This is a very large document broken into 6 parts for ease of download.
Please consult the table of contents and choose the section you would like to download.

PART 1 (pages 1 – 10)   campusmasterplanpart1.pdf (16.8mgs)

Includes Subjects:Credits
Table of Contents
Presidents Message
Strategic Direction
Statement of Purchase
Executive Summary

PART 2 (pages 11 – 16)   campusmasterplanpart2.pdf (18.3mgs)

Includes Subjects:
University Vision
Master Plan Goals & Objectives
Master Plan Assumptions

PART 3 (pages 17 – 31)   campusmasterplanpart3.pdf (36mgs)

Includes Subjects:
Campus Framework Analysis
Campus Form Analysis
Adjacent Uses Analysis
Campus Uses Analysis
Building Orientation Analysis
Visitor Arrival Analysis
Open Space Analysis
Pedestrian Access Analysis
Vehicular and Bicycle Analysis
Parking Analysis
Landscape Analysis
Utilities Analysis
1997 Campus Framework Master Plan- Map & notes
Existing Campus- Map & notes

PART 4 (pages 33r – 39r) (2008 update)  campusmasterplanpart4.pdf (9.1mgs)

Includes Subjects:
Framework Master Plan
Campus Form and City Interface
Pedestrian Access, Open Space & Landscape
Vehicular Access & Parking

PART 5 (pages 40r – 48r)  (2008 update)  campusmasterplanpart5.pdf (13.6mgs)

Includes Subjects:
Transit and Bicycle Circulation & Stops
Program Affinities
Student Life
Campus Facilities Master Plan

PART 6 (pages 49 – 56)     campusmasterplanpart6.pdf (5.8mgs)

Includes Subjects:
Design Guidelines
Built Form
Campus Open Space
Campus Circulation