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Bronco Budget 2.0 – New Budget Model

Bronco Budget 2.0 is Boise State’s redesign of the current incremental budget model currently utilized by the university. This page includes all information related to the initiative.


— At the Dean’s Meeting on September 7, 2016, a number of parameters were adopted for budget management in 2016-17 and beyond. These parameters align philosophically with changes that are likely to be implemented with the adoption of phase 1 of Bronco Budget 2.0 and would apply to all units considered Academic Revenue Units (ARUs) in the new model. These units are: College of Arts and Sciences (COAS), College of Engineering (COEN), College of Education (COED), School of Public Service (SPS), College of Business and Economics (COBE), College of Health Sciences (COHS), and College of Innovation and Design (CID). Link to: Deans Memo 2016/09/08.
–Bronco Budget 2.0 Committee met on May 18, 2016. The Committee continues to work on finalizing data elements, review an overall budget plan, and discuss quality funds.


BB 2.0 Committee Recommendation COAS (pdf) 10/27/2016
BB 2.0 Committee Recommendation COHS (pdf) 10/17/2016
BB 2.0 Committee Recommendation FFA (pdf) 10/14/2016
Bronco Budget 2.0 Committee 5.18.16 08/17/2016
Bronco Budget 2.0 Committee 4.26.16 04/27/2016
Bronco Budget 2.0 Committee Meeting 01/21/2016
Bronco Budget 2.0 Committee Kickoff 11/18/2015
Bronco Budget 2.0 Faculty Senate Presentation 10/25/2015


The committee is providing links to working documents as major topics of Bronco Budget 2.0 are discussed. Working documents are defined as documents relating to the drafting of proposals, reports, or opinions.

Working documents relating to the drafting of proposals, reports, and opinions relating to Bronco Budget 2.0

TopicWorking Document
Graduate Tuition01 Graduate Tuition version 1
Undergraduate Tuition02 Undergraduate Tuition version 3
Scope of Revenues Phase 103 Scope of Revenues Phase 1 version 1
Extended Studies Programs Version 104 Extended Studies Programs Version 1


-Marty Schimpf, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
-Stacy Pearson, Vice President for Finance and Administration
-Ken Petersen, Dean, College of Business and Economics
-Amy Moll, Dean, College of Engineering
-Tim Dunnagan, Dean, College of Health Sciences
-Richard Klautsch, Chair, Theater Arts / Faculty Senate Representative
-Brian Wampler, Chair, Political Science / Faculty Financial Affairs Representative
-Teresa Boucher, Interim Chair, Communication
-Brett Shelton, Department Head, Educational Technology
-Shawn Benner, Professor, Geosciences
-Randi McDermott, Chief of Staff, President’s Office
-Jim Munger, Vice Provost for Academic Planning
-Shari Ellertson, Director, Institutional Research
-Harold Blackman, Associate Vice President, Research and Development
-Ken Kline, Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning


White paper on RCM Type Incentive Based Budget Models added 01/31/2016
Indiana University
University of Minnesota
University of Michigan
University of Washington
University of Vermont
Ohio University
University of California Davis

University of Missouri Kansas City