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List of Terms

Account Code
Six digit code that specifies revenue, expense, fund balance, asset, liability or surplus
Synonymous Terms: account, cost center, budget rollup account, object code
Examples:311900 – Miscellaneous Student Fees, 502000 – Postal and Mail Services

Appropriated Funds
Funding source allocated by the state
Synonymous Terms: Budgeted departments

DDR Query
DDR in Excel.
For instructions on how to run the report, click here

Department Detail Report
Report available via PeopleSoft that notes details of transactions that impact
a particular department id by period
Synonymous Terms: Budget sheets, end of month report
Examples: SAMPLE this *note this is an Excel file, you will need Excel to open this link.

Department ID
A Ten digit code that specifies a department funding source as either
appropriated, local or restricted
Synonymous Terms: org id, cost center, dept account
Examples: 904L101001 904A100001

Department Summary Report
A Report available via PeopleSoft that notes summary of transactions
that impact a particular department id by period

Fund Code
Four digit code previously used to identify the fund group.

Examples: Always 9990

Graduate Assistantships
May include student account payments made  by department sponsoring the assistantships.

Synonymous Terms: Grad Waiver

Source of funding that has specific terms and conditions associated with it.
Synonymous Terms: Sponsored Projects

Journal Entry (JE)
Post a transaction, or adjust or correct a previous entry.
Will appear on Dept Detail Report with Source Code of  ONL.
Synonymous Terms: Correcting Entry, ONL
Examples: ONL

Local Funds
Funding source is locally generated department revenue.

NSF (non-sufficient funds) checks
Checks that are returned to Boise State due  to lack of funds in account. Process is two-fold.
Student Financials is  involved in collecting on student accounts. Admin Acctg is involved in process
when department accounts must be debited for NSF checks.
Synonymous Terms: Bounced Checks, Returned Checks

Payment Request
Form to complete when reimbursement or payment  is required.

Synonymous Terms: check request

Project/ Grant Code (PGC)
Alpha and/or numeric code that is used to  organize and specify activity
within a specific project or grant for reporting  purposes.

Project Period
Timeline of grant fund. Specifies deadline  for use of grant funds.

Purchase Order
Legal contract placing order that follows a requisition.
Synonymous Terms: PO
Examples: PO

Internal document containing approvals that departments submit to Purchasing
with information related to a desired  purchase.

Source Code
Code on dept detail report that indicates where entry was initiated.
Synonymous Terms: HR, ONL, AP, IDC, SF

Spending Authority
Approval for spending funds out of departmental  accounts.
Synonymous Terms: Budget

Third Party Payments
Payments received from an outside source  to pay for student account
charges, e.g. fees and/or housing.
Synonymous Terms: TP Waiver

Accounting information and vendor information  is entered on a voucher into the PeopleSoft system,
thereby producing  checks and reporting information. (Accounts Payable process)

Voucher Upload
Spreadsheet is loaded into PS and check prints.   (Accounts Payable process)
Synonymous Terms: upload
Examples: Student payments, OIT, Utility payments, Motor pool