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Year End Deadlines

Year End Deadlines

Year End Deadlines, Program Code Change
Week of June 25- June 29, 2012

The university has program codes attached to all department Ids that
identify the type of activity being conducted by each department ID.
This program code is used to create financial reports used for many
different purposes and by many different reporting agencies. This
change needs to occur prior to the beginning of fiscal year 2013 and
will require periods of time when processing must be stopped. This
period will be from June 25 through June 29.

All online journal entries (ONL) must be sent to JE uploads by Friday, 6/22 so that all transactions can be posted by end of day Monday, 6/25. All Accounts Payable requests must be sent to AP Uploads by Tuesday, 6/19 to allow processing to be completed by end of day Monday, 6/25.

Once the process is complete we will continue with our year end close
process. Note the change to the year end calendar posted on the
website: This has been changed to Friday, 6/22. After our program
code change process is complete, I will be able to accommodate special requests for online journal entries (ONL) prior to the final close of 12:00pm on Friday, 7/6.

Note: This does not change the June 15th deadline for appropriated
transactions or expense & travel authorizations.

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