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Boise State University Fees

Academic and Fee Policy
Once you register for classes, you remain registered and are held responsible for the fees and grades assessed for these classes unless you cancel your registration. If you do not pay for or do not attend these classes you are still held responsible for the fees and grades assessed. If you decide not to attend any classes, you must drop all of them (including classes and workshops that begin later in the semester) through my.BoiseState no later than the tenth day of classes (see Academic Calendar Deadlines by Session). If you do not cancel your registration or pay your fees by the fee payment deadline, you will remain registered, you will be charged course fees, and you will be assessed a $50 late penalty. Please note: cancellation of courses may have financial aid impacts. You may be required to repay all, or a portion of, any financial aid awarded to you. All fees, tuition, and other charges are subject to change without notice. Boise State’s fees are set by the State Board of Education each year during the April board meeting and are subject to change.

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

(per semester)


Tuition & Fees (1-11 credits) $  273
per credit
Tuition & Fees (12-16 credits) $3,438
Non-Resident Tuition
(1-11 credits)
$250 per credit +
Tuition & Fees
Non-Resident Tuition
(12+ credits)
$7,025 +
Tuition & Fees
Overload Fees (17+ credits) $ 177
per credit


Tuition & Fees (1-8 credits) $358
per credit
Tuition & Fees (9-16 credits) $4,083
Non-Resident Tuition (1-8 credits) $250 per credit +
Tuition & Fees
Non-Resident Tuition (9+ credits) $7,025 +
Tuition & Fees
Overload Fees (17+ credits) $ 177

Summer 2016

Undergraduate Fees per credit $269
Graduate Fees per credit $354
Important: in addition to the above:
› COURSE FEES: Certain courses may charge an additional fee which covers the cost of course materials and supplies the student uses, special costs associated with use of university-owned equipment, or the cost of other services that provide educational benefit to the student. This fee is assessed when students enroll in certain courses, which are noted in the class listings in the online class schedule. For a complete list of course fees, please click here.
› NEW Undergraduate degree-seeking students will be charged a one-time new student curriculum fee of $175
› NEW students and students returning after two or more years will be charged a $25 Student ID Card fee
› DROPPED classes will receive a $10.00 drop fee per class, see the Academic Calendar Deadlines by Session
› GRADUATE level classes are charged the Graduate Fee Premium, regardless of the student’s career (Graduate or Undergraduate).
A $50 Fee Deadline Penalty will be assessed on outstanding Student Fee Balances on the day following the fee payment deadline for each semester.
A monthly late fee at the rate of 21% per annum (1.75% per month or $10 whichever is greater) will be assessed at the beginning of the month on any outstanding balance on the student account.
If charges remain unpaid, the balance due may be sent to an outside collection agency, and you will be responsible for any additional collection/legal fees.
Senior Citizen Rate Idaho residents who are at least 60 years old may register for the course and pay $5 per credit hour, a $20 registration fee (per semester), and any special fees (such as for private music lessons, workshops, or laboratory fees). The senior citizen rate does not apply to the self-supporting programs (such as teacher professional development) and noncredit programs (like the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). The Senior Citizen Rate is based on course availability. All students who use the senior citizen rate will be able to register for classes at the end of the degree seeking student registration cycle or during open enrollment. Students who choose to register with the general degree seeking population must sign an agreement indicating they are opting out of use of the senior citizen rate. To receive the senior citizen rate, first apply for admission, then request the Idaho Senior Citizen‘s Fee Reduction from the Payment and Disbursement Center, Administration Building, Room 101, or call (208) 426-1212 by providing the cashier your driver‘s license, birth certificate, or other proof of your age.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to be aware of the fees and policies pertaining to fee payment at Boise State University.

NOTE: If your tuition, fees or other charges remain unpaid, you may be sent to an outside collection agency and will be responsible for any additional collections fees.

Enrollment in 17 or more credit hours per semester (for credit and/or audit) will result in additional fees of $177 per credit hour for the 17th credit hour and every additional credit hour.
Noncredit bearing courses and courses taken for AUDIT count in this calculation. In addition to the above, some courses may require special fees. You have until the 10th day of classes to drop overload credits and not pay the extra fees. After the 10th day of classes you must pay the overload fee.

As of Fall 2010, you may enroll in up to 21 credits per term. If you want to take more than 21 credits in a term, you will need to work with your advisor to complete a Request to Exceed 21 Credit Hours form.

The following is a list of noncredit bearing courses with the amount of credit each is equivalent to for fee purposes:

Course Credit Equivalent
CHEM 99 2 credits
MATH 15 3 credits
MATH 25 3 credits
MUS-APL 10 1 credit
THEA 10 1 credit

Refund Policy
Withdrawal from a class (drop) or from all classes (complete withdrawal) will receive a refund of their registration charges as follows:

Withdrawal Date Refund Amount
Before Classes Begin 100%
During First Ten Days of Regular Session 100% less a $40.00 complete withdrawal fee (This refund includes tuition, fees, and special fees.)
After Tenth Day of Regular Session NO REFUND (A $40.00 complete withdrawal fee will be assessed)
NOTE: See Academic Calendar Deadlines by Session for other refund dates. Refunds for Weekend University classes are honored the next business day. Compressed classes and those that meet less than a full semester are subject to an equivalent refund calculated on a proportional basis, but will be assessed the $40.00 complete withdrawal fee based upon the regular University schedule as listed above.

Refunds for Extended Studies workshops:
100% refund prior to first day of class
0% refund on first day and after
All checks returned from the bank are charged a $15.00 return check fee.

If courses have not been paid in full or if you have a balance owed to the University for other items, credit you receive from dropping classes is applied to your student account balance first, before a refund is issued. Refunds due to withdrawals from the University are subject to various conditions. Please contact the Account Maintenance Center for more information at (208) 426-2134. Deductions may be made from the refund amount for any other financial obligations owed to Boise State University.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to be aware of the refund policy at Boise State University.