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FY15 to FY16 Appropriated Carryforward Update

Unused FY15 Appropriated budget in Regular Salaries and Fringe will be swept to a central account.

Unused FY15 budget in Irregular Salaries, Student Salaries, OE, Travel and Capital will be reflected as FY16 Carryforward once the University is done with its year-end processes. This should happen around the third week in July.

There will not be a carryforward tax this fiscal year.

FY16 Budget Books

FY16 Appropriated Budget Book
FY16 Local Budget Book
FY16 Auxiliary Budget Book

Print or Save as PDF – Click on the link. Right click on the Budget Book and select ‘Print’. Print as a PDF file.

Recent Additions

FY16 All Funds Budget  Added 7/10/15
FY16 Tuition & Fees  Updated 5/5/15
EAF Processing Responsibilities  Updated 8/24/15
FY16 Fringe Rate Added 1/14/15
FY15- FY16 Employment Dates  Added 1/6/15
FY16 Student Fee Template  Added 12/15/14
FY15 Budget Manual  Updated 12/10/14
FY15 Fringe  Updated 7/16/14
FY15 All Funds Budget  Added 7/10/14
FY15 Approved Tuition & Fees  Updated 5/14/14
FY14-FY15 Employment Dates  Added 1/29/14
Fy14 All Funds Budget  Added 8/7/13
2013-2014 Schedule of Tuition and Fees  Updated 6/18/13
On-Line Budget Transfer  Added 10/26/12
Memorandum of Agreement Added 3/27/2012

View Recent Presentations

Running Reports in Peoplesoft Finance (.pdf) Added 3/21/13
Running Reports in PS Fin – Handout (.docx) Added 3/21/13
Part 2 Encumbrances & Pending Expenses (.pdf) Added 2/1/13
Part 3 Payroll Tracking Examples (.xlsx) Added 2/1/13
Part 1 Budget Reconciliation (.pdf) Added 1/23/13